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Time, space and movement are essential to the city storytelling. Historical heritage requires new architecture that drops the excitement of the present in a dialogue with the past, and therefore, dignifies neighborhood lifestyle within metropolises, suburbs and towns. JSa Promotora, the urban housing development business division of the company founded by the architect Javier Sánchez, believes in this thinking —and creates residences to change the civic environment. Meet the contemporary home necessities, is part of our DNA.

The apartments for sale in the neighborhoods Condesa, Roma, Jardines del Pedregal, San José Insurgentes and Tabacalera that JSa provides in Mexico City, as well as the pre-sales of apartments and houses in cities such as Los Cabos and San Miguel de Allende, prove that the firm’s mission is to transform the lifestyle of each city.

Its departments in the Condesa, Mexico City, were the first step of this evolution with the Veracruz Complex (1996-2000), a project that began the career of Javier Sánchez in the functionalist design of urban housing —at the same time his passion for architecture of cultural spaces born. “It is a joint effort of investor, builder and architect that defines my work in the city”, explains Javier Sánchez himself about JSa Promotora. “My architecture depends on my ability to understand the dynamics of the city. In a way, I can influence how the city develops”.